This is something i made up on the school bus at around the same time as Insanity please, except it never made it onto the internet, or was even written or drawn..except as a cameo appearance in an ancient comic strip called "Little downham", a bizarre, south park-styled ancestor of both Insanity please and Felney, and one gif animation in insanity please where all you saw was his van. But now he has been revived and re-done as a totally new addition to the site, it is now set on earth, rather than, er, insanity please world, in somewhere where there is a lot of hills (Yorkshire? Wales?), and features all the sex and violence of the very first version that we made up on the school bus. We only ever really made up two "episodes", but they where a bus journey long, and the stories on the site will be shorter than that, so there should be about 4, though at the moment i have only made (part of!) one...



Episode 1

Pat has a bad day