This is where various written things by me are, be they stories, scripts or other things. I'm not a very good writer though, so this section will get updated slowly. Also I have a few unfinished stories and fanfics that I'm not sure if I should bother putting up here, well, we'll see XD


This timeline lists all the major events in my comics, games, stories etc, which are set in the "Felney Universe" (see the chronology). Some are vague and hinted-at as those stories haven't been 'told' yet, so it would be a spoiler. This is more for my own reference than anything XD.

Storyline Chronology

This lists various comics, ideas and videogames I have designed which are set in the "Felney Universe" it lists them in order of when they happen, and notes who is involved, so you can see where characters get cameo's and the like.

Splatter Movie Reviews

All the gory horror, thriller, crime and cult films I own, and mini-reviews of the ones I have seen. It's kind of stalled as I got bored of splatter.

Postman Prat

This is a pisstake of Postman Pat that was made up on the school bus ages ago, he has sex with easy women and shoots people and steals things a lot. It hasnít been finished yet and probably never will be, because it isn't funny.

The Chosen Ones

The Young Ones with Final Fantasy / Doom etc references shoved in.

Felney Magazine

A text e-zine like the old SWAT and F4ITH 'zines, except this one doesnít have any bomb-making instructions, just stupid articles and funny shit. I suppose it's not made anymore. But another issue might get cranked out sometime if I feel like it.

Comic Con Reviews

Reviews of various comic conventions I have gone to. They used to all be listed on this page but were getting unwieldy so I chopped them off.

The Fourth Reich

A rather naff, but violent, story I wrote whilst at a time-wasting "job club" thing because I had been unemployed too long and they wanted to make sure we weren't doing cash-in-hand jobs. I suppose.