Con Reviews


A list of reviews of the various comic conventions I have gone to.

Thing 2005

First one! All I can remember is endless train delays.

Thing 2006

First exhibiting one! I was trying to sell a (badly) printed version of Scum Slaughter, whilst sharing a table with a girl who made a similar comic that's much better. I didn't do well!

Bristol 2006

It was actually reet boring, I dunno why I went.

Thing 2007

This was one of the best ones, I didn't exhibit though. The anthology took "non exhibitor" contributions, and as a result was giant! Unfortunately they made such a loss that it can't be repeated.

Bristol 2007

Why did I go to this again when it was dead boring the first time? Oh yeah, the promise of a huge party the day before. TBH this is more a review of me getting ridiculously drunk and alienating a load of friends (always happens) than it is of a comic convention XD.

Thing 2008

A good one, this. It was where I launched the Red, White & Blue! (and even sold a few of them).

Thing 2010

After a year off I returned with ONE new comic!