This is something i randomly made once, which was cranked out to put on my webpage. Its basically "The young ones", a great 80's comedy show which was partly satirical and partly insane random absurdness, except changed to be set in the same world as Insanity please (Final fantasy 6 and 7 crossed over), Except now Celes, Vincent, Edgar and Locke are broke students living in a dingy house in the 1980's (Insanity please being set in 2000). They all replace certian "Young ones" characters, and the scripts remain more or less the same, except with some minor changes ive added in. These are written in script form, as you would have gathered, though i may add the odd illustration later on

Pilot episode

This one is pretty stupid, it takes random bits of the young ones and merges them together, consider it a "trailer" with the best bits of future episodes in

Episode 1

The gang are getting so dirty that celes's socks are staging a mutiny, but it gets worse when they are picked to go on Finalfantasy challenge!


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