Bristol Comic Expo 2007


I got up at 8:19 on Saturday, to get the 9:19 train... I missed it XD. Checked me email at the last second and Mal had sent me one telling me to meet her at her third re-birthday (to celebrate a successful sex change, she's not a born again Christian XD). I went there on the train, going through London rather than Birmingham, and got to Bristol about quarter past 2. Went to the "something Inn hotel just opposite the station", according to the info I got off (which was also the hotel I stayed at last time). Then after some frantic checking by the staff on their computers I was directed to the REAL hotel, and it was very nice ^-^. Air conditioning (which only seemed to do cold and very slightly warm, not hot) and everything, though the restaurant downstairs was way too posh for me, so I never ate in it XD. I went into the con and bought a £6 ticket marked "Saturday", they knocked a quid off as it was half 3. I went in and began to wander, I took a detour into the indoor car park next to the hall for some reason and saw the Blink Twice Amazon, which is now a bit Ďpimpedí and looks pretty cool, it has a split bumper, the lettering removed and a chrome "100E" grille, It also reminded me to go to thier table at get Malcom Magic volume 3. I found the table of Neptune Studio and got Vampire Freestyle 2, drawn by the extremely friendly Jenika Ioffreda. I then wandered looking for Orang-utan comics, as Cher2a is with them (dunno what she does actually XD). But I couldnít find it... I did find the complete Nemesis the Warlock, but had no money. I walked around the city looking for a cash machine, but the hall is situated between the corporate centre and the city centre, so all there was endless miles of gleaming offices and bugger all people... or cash machines. There was one in the station but they have those bullshit (yes they are, if a terrorist is gonna blow themselves up what's £5 for a single to the next station down the line?) ticket barriers so I wouldnít be able to get to it. By the time I did find a (charging... sigh) machine the con would have been closed, so I went back to me hotel and rang Mal.

After the taxi driver mis-heard the postcode, got lost and bumped over a lot of kerbs, I reached Mal's house, she wasnít in but the party had been going for hours already XD. I met her lovely wife Jo who said takeaway drivers can never find the house either, I opened a can of beer I had bought and all the kerb bumping caught up with it XD. I met many people who I can't remember, and some who I can, like Krist off the HM forums, who also did a funny filler for Mal a while ago, and also Jo's son and one of his friends... since when have 12 year old boys been that tolerant? The night progressed (and Mal returned with Ztoical, I pointed out Mal had the same toilet seat as the "bird" I was once "banging" which set them off again) and a lot of talking about Doctor Who, Lorries, Toasters, Comics and other such things was done. Cliodhna wanted to watch Eurovision, which lead to more Doctor Who rantings (as they cancelled it to show various morons embarrassing their respective countries). Britain didnít come last, Ireland did (much to her annoyance), but it was a close run thing XD. By now I was full of beer and cider and felt a little queasy, so decided to get it out of my system, I couldnít do that at the back gate or in the bathroom so instead decided to have a lay down. For some reason the desk in Malís evil command centre, where HM is created, looked oddly appealing so I had a sleep on that for what could have been hours, but was probably minutes. Someone (I think Mal) found me so I went back downstairs and got a taxi. I alternated between looking out for it and joining in conversations, as I get ADD when I'm drunk and canít pay attention to things for more than 2 minutes (just ask various people in Sugarcubes in Lincoln). The taxi came and I went back to the hotel and watched Playboy (hooray! It was free!).


I woke up at 6:15 the next day feeling rather bad. After clearing that by lots of water and Ďpurgingí I had a shower and let my hair dry naturally, it was huge. THEN I found a hairdryer. On the way to the con hall it began to rain, but I still stopped to take photos for this report. However I forgot to take any more, and couldnít find the Amazon, so I wonít bore you with some shots of a street XD. I bought several comics and again searched for Orang-utan, couldnít find them (turns out they where opposite Toykopop, I could claim distraction by their giant stand but I donít even like Manga). For the first part of the day I wandered about gathering the various freebies on offer, such as the High Maintenance "Ashcan" (whatever thatís supposed to signify), which contains some cool stories. Plus many manga/manwah sample books (including a Star Trek manga!).

I walked back to the hotel to dump some of my haul and get more money- big mistake! My top was dripping! I went back again having found money and got a big book just called "Zombies" for £6, barely even opened it yet but with a title like that itís gotta be good. I also got a big Modesty Blaise book, which inspired me to re-start Eugene Manx from the beginning again XD. I asked numerous manga creators about "Blue Cat Club", one I had picked up at the Thing. None of them made it but a guy joined the conversation and said the creators of it also had "An awesome comic about a girl lost in the desert in India with pith helmets and stuff". Bah, I'm gonna have that with nazi flying saucers too! XD. I also got a manga book simply called "Yaoi", you canít go wrong with that. One of the writers signed it too XD. I visited the 2000AD stand again but the Nemesis book was gone, I got a cool Torquemada T-shirt saying "DEATH TO DEVIANTS" though hehe. I met Willie Hewes at last and bought Free Z. I managed to embarrass myself by not knowing what else to say except "Thought you hair would be spikier" and "Er, read that. Itís good". Oh yeah I got issue 2 and 3 of Zarjaz... seems like they have managed to produce 1 issue a year... faster than me XD.

I went backwards and forwards a few more times, vainly attempting to dry my clothes and to read a bit. I went back just before it closed to say me goodbyes to Mal and Cliodhna, actually have a proper look at Malís drawings folder at last, and of course nearly break me neck by slipping on some Batman flyers. I went back to the hotel and feel asleep for a few hours, before waking up and watching Victoriaís Empire, and eating a very nice chicken wrap from the bar downstairs, as well as attempting to get wireless internet access on my PSP. I went back to bed after watching more Playboy and left pretty early on Monday, going back by the London route again and wincing at the battering my bank account was taking... I gotta check out that Megabus thing I think.

That ought to be my last Con for 2007, unless I have a sudden last minute decision (I was still undecided about going to this one or not on Friday afternoon XD) to do so.