7:00 Got up

8:16 Got Train

10:40 Birmingham

11:15 Left Birmingham

12:20 Bristol, drop off luggage at Hotel (opposite the station, walk past convention to get to it XD)

12:30 Wander around Con hall

1:15 Wander around town

1:40 Wander around con hall

2:30 Wander around town

2:50 Wander around con hall, Actually buy something (Judge Dredd case files Vol 1, could have got it from Cambridge Borders and saved myself the hassle)

3:01 Check in at hotel, woman says some artist or other is also staying there who is brilliant. Pretty girl in a funny green and yellow costume is next to me, also going to the con

3:40 Wander around con hall, buy some more bits

4:00 Wander around town, watch a tiny bit of the Cup Final

4:55 Wait outside con hall, and wander around a bit. Spot pretty girl but too shy to say hello. She mentions excellent comic Brodies Law and someone steps in and asks if she means "Brodie from Mallrats", which she says she hasnít watched. Avoid butting in and saying that Mallrats and the other films in that series are shitty, painfully unfunny excuses for cunts to quote from them and think they are clever. And its even more stupid because the Brodies Law stand was RIGHT NEXT to the door.

5:00 Hotel, decide giving my friend my phone number may be helpful

6:40 Rush out to find an internet café thatís probably closed, cant find it anyway,

7:00 Get brother to email my number to friend

7:20 Doctor who

7:50 Brother says "done mate"

8:00 Play Midnight Club 3, finish all the Tuner races

9:59 Decide to go out to where I heard a few comic artists would be meeting up

10:10 But probably wont be able to get back in Hotel at a late time, sleep


5:00 Wake up, a mobile phone either lost in my room or close to the wall in a nearby room is running out of batteries and beeping

8:30 Give up trying to sleep

8:45 Wake up call

9:30 Breakfast

10:00 Leave hotel, consider a quick look around Con but donít bother

10:20 Train to Birmingham

12:40: Birmingham

1:36 Train Home

Never Again