The Felney Multiverse

Originally, all of my comics, stories, videogames etc took place in just one universe, called "The Felney Universe". However, as time went on this got more confusing. The original Red, White and Blue had a down-to-earth, "everyday" story set in 2009. But in the backstory to The Gun, Europe is a 1984-like dictatorship in 2009. To sort out these inconsistencies, I decided to create a multiverse, with each part named after an ancient greek letter.

The main two universes are the Gamma Universe, where a lot of my stories take place (including The Gun) and The Beta Universe, which is more "realistic", and where international politics are more or less the same as they are in real life. Some of my other stories (like Norman Saxon) have been given a universe to themselves, whilst my fanfics supposedly take place in the universes of those stories. Note that some of my "fanfics" don't actually feature any characters from the universe they are set in.


Real Life, used for my hourly comics, youtube videos and other biographical stuff.


This universe is mostly like real life, only there's a few extra towns scattered around. Also women's football is more popular and had organised tournaments a few years earlier. Most of my "down to earth" stories are set in this universe, they either happen in a small area, or involve secret agents, so the public never finds out about them.


The "main" Felney universe. It's history diverges from our own significantly around 1985, when the first zombie outbreak happens (though most people don't find out about it until years later). Between 2008 and 2014, the EU is a corrupt and totalitarian dictatorship, World War 3 is fought between 2020 and 2023, and this universe also has stories stretching off into the future.


This is the universe for horror and supernatural stories. Things like magic, ghosts, demons etc all really exist. Also the Judeo-Christian Heaven and Hell exist here.


This is a post-apocalyptic universe where a nuclear war happened some time in the 80's. But it also has a sub-universe where there wasn't a nuclear war, but things turned out terrible anyway. By "Terrible" I mean "Like the Twisted Metal games".


In this universe, Eugene Manx never existed (or died in World War 2), so the Nazis are able to develop loads of secret weapons in hidden hideouts, and take over the world in 1977.




In this universe, magic is real. Though not every story features it. This universe is mainly intended for stories that are set on distant planets and have no connection to Earth. It contains Star Wars and The Story of the Whos, as well as the Final Fantasy games. And my own Teddy Bear World.




The universe of Kio Shimoku's manga / novel Genshiken. Genshiken "season 2" retconned the original Genshiken to have taken place in 2009-11, and this retcon is also valid here. The Genshiken Novel is also canon in this universe, despite the number of supernatural occurrences in it. These occurences are explained, in my own headcanon, by a gate to hell being opened by flat-chested women crashing a Morris Minor.






The universe of my Norman Saxon stories, and the spinoffs. It's otherwise similar to the Beta Universe, the world's history and politics are mostly the same, only changing in minor ways. Ways usually involving Norman or associates.










The "Harmsworthiverse", containing various Amalgamated Press / IPC / Fleetway stories. Mainly the pre-war ones such as Sexton Blake and Billy Bunter, but also Roy of the Rovers. If I ever do any Sonic fanfiction, this is as good a place to put it as any. Pre-Dreamcast European Sonic canon only, of course.




The universe of the Doom series of games, especially the first two. The canon is the first two Dooms, then Team TNT projects, though there's zillions of sub universes for other people's projects, too.


The "Fenpunk" universe, a great asteroid collision in the stone age caused a lot of water to be blown out into escape velocity, lowering sea levels. A load of silt has created a giant swamp in the North Sea, which is it's own country. Also the South Pacific has a ton of tiny islands.


A universe for stupid fanfiction crossovers.


The universe of the BBC TV show Doctor Who, though I've since gone off that show because it's pozzed as fuck. I like the idea of it far more than the execution.


In this universe, Hero of Alexandria persuades the Roman Empire to use his steam engine, and the industrial revolution begins over a thousand years early. Otherwise this is the Gamma Universe, but the Roman Empire has had many centuries technological head start over every other sentient species in the Milky Way galaxy.