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This is the latest service from Slocoach. The SHITI buses service the busy inner-city routes of cambridge meaning you can get from any part of the city to any other every 10 minutes, at least in theory anyway..

The normal bus service which Slocoach provides in cambridgeshire. Since we took over Camline in 1991 these buses service all the routes that camline used to, except for the ones we withdrew, and the ones where we changed the times and never told anyone

These are the nameless buses which service the countryside routes, for instance from Felney to Ely, they are painted in a different colour scheme so that people wont think they are run by Slocoach, and wont bombard us with complaints, death-threats and mail bombs

 This website is entirely fictional, if you would like to find out information on cambridgeshire bus services, you'll want this website