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Things to do in Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire and the Fens are steeped in tradition and history, so there is a lot to do here, and all of it is within 5 minutes drive of a Slocoach bus stop!. For instance in Cambridge you can visit wonderful drummer street bus station, one of the only major bus stations in the area!, nearby is Jesus green, where you can experience the tension of walking past a gang of thugs whispering to each other and clumsily concealing knives, Or see those wonderful parts of modern cities-yes the loonies standing on corners shouting on about obscure ancient figures who got nailed to wooden planks, theres something for everybody in Cambridge!

Outside Cambridge you can visit many of the charming Rural villages, such as Felney, and take in all the traditional Fenland practices such as community cross-burning and crowds of vigliantes setting fire to people in the street because they may or may not be somehow sexually immoral. Or you can visit the wonderful village of Shittleport, and take in what is known locally as "The aroma of cardboard and piss", and experience being mugged in a churchyard

"Theres nothing else like it!"

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