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Welcome to the website of Slocoach Scambus, the number one bus service for Cambridgeshire!. We operate around the clock to ensure that you arrive at your destination in only mild discomfort and at aroundabout the right time. All of our drivers are fully trained in the art of swearing, "On the buses" style sexual innuendo and sitting still for hours reading the nail and drinking coffee. you can ensure any problems you may have with our impeccable service will be dealt with in the correct manner and will go into our "special filing cabinets" for immediate attention in 5 months time. On our website you can find information on our services in the cambridge area, as well as special offers, and you can even order tickets online-so take a look around!

If you are visiting cambridge you may want to book a one-day travelcard from our online booking centre. Or if you are moving here and want and reliable excuse for being late to work every day, ask one of our representatives about the new 'Rapid transit' SHITI service. You can meet one of our representatives on our special tour bus which tours the county, or any of our buses in fact..

 This website is entirely fictional, if you would like to find out information on cambridgeshire bus services, you'll want this website