We belive that the bible itself said that over population must be spread so that the world will come to an end and then the people can all be judged. However some people (including other "christians") think that its okay to allow contraception and homosexuality and other things which stop the population from increasing, but they are wrong, just look at these bible quotes

"And he said: thoust shalt bringeth about an surge of the people chosen by the lord, for they shalt overbear on thine enemies and bringst about the end"

"If thou lieth with a man as with woman thou hast commited an abomination and shalt surely be put to death"

"Jesus did standeth before them and regard them to be capable of spreading the seed of the lord, and he spake: thou shalt cover thine promised land, like the lamb or rabbit, and thou shalt starve and wither, but thine lord shalt be with you and thou shall surely reach heaven"

"When i did regard a flock of sodomites and they didst haveth amongst themselves a number who refused the lords divine will that they know women only and produce many young, the lord did acknowledge this and they didst turn to stone"

So there, that should show all you false prophets that the lord has always wanted overpopulation and that it is nothing to worry about because the truly ordained and saved shall die quickly and be admitted to his holy kingdom

some bible quotes may be fabricated