Frequently Asked Questions

Wont overpopulation lead to a lot of starvation?

Yes, people will starve and die, but then they will go to heaven for contributing to overpopulation, meanwhile the people left on earth will continue to produce more children again to keep the numbers up

Is this just another excuse for christians to have children who they can exploit, harass and control?

Partly, yes, but its also part of a plan to kill billions and cause even more people to suffer horribly

Isnt christianity about loving everyone?

Oh dont be ridiculous, we all know its about mind control, murder and killing and threating people and forcing them to change thier lives

If god hates gays so much why are there gay christians?

Theyre obviously thinking it will lead to forgiveness and happiness after they die, well it wont, they go straight to HELL for not contributing to over population

Are you insane right-wing nutters who support hitler and the KKK?

No, were english

How can i join?

Come to one of our focus sessions where we make propaganda, update the website and discuss new ways to spy on our children and take away thier rights. We also have a monthly sacraficing session where we kill any of our children who may be gay, unchristian or caring and nice