These are various pages I have made which are based on local businesses, services and other things which can be found in Felney and the world around it, some are better than others… and some are going to be improved eventually

EU News

Ranting redtops mostly don't like the EU. But what would happen if the people who LOVE it responded in kind?

The felney herald

The local newspaper for Felney.

Slocoach scambus

A pisstake of the bus service in Cambridgeshire. Circa 2002 or whenever the original version of this was made.


A parody of Cambridgeshire's radio station, primarily for integration with the never-finished (or started) game Grand Theft Felney.

The Felney Fascists

The Felney football team. Now sponsored by Zels Furniture Heaven, they have been able to afford new facilities at the pitch. Like goalposts.


The local butcher's in Felney, which true to the form of its real life counterpart is never open. Or at least it never used to be when we came out of school and wanted sweets.

Freeserve art

Freeserve is what we had in the ole' days. Back when Windows going blue and locking up whenever you opened a program was a bug and not a feature, like it is in Vista.

Christians for overpopulation

They hate gays and condoms so they must love overpopulation. This was really just an experiment in hand-HTML coding. I think it went ok.

Bob's sludge

I remember some other parody site where they would send you a barrel of sewage every time you sent an email. I decided to make my own terrible version.

Gay planet

The UK's fastest growing commercial internet venture and front for cynical money-making "pink pound" corporations... er… Gay community site, even.

Coming Out Under Fire

Saying you're gay in the domestic battlefield.


A stupid leaflet we got given in school that led me to immediately exclaim "how dare they use manga for something so capitalist?" As I was a red at the time. Then I got the biro out.