..You know..INTO it!

Thats latin for 'Resist all change'


Angry residents have staged a meeting about the closure of a road near pondenheath RAF base

The road was closed three weeks ago as the build-up of traffic was causing congestion around the base, but residents have found that now it is closed they are unable to drive past and then stop dead in the middle of the road to gawp at jet plane doing absolutley nothing. Outraged residents have of course found a solution: Homosexuals.

Traffic jams: "Fault of the poofs"

"We know it was the fault of the poofs" said jonathan gayhater of 35 greenway terrace, "Thier disgusting sexual practices obviously lead to the use of psychadelic drugs, the fumes of which have obviously drifted out of the window corrupted the minds of our brave military (god bless them) and forced them to close the roads". The herald thought that this explanation seemed to fit, probably because we havent heard anything different, so we'll support thier campaign to kill anyone who looks vaugley different and lives within a 22,000 mile sphere of the military base

Oh my god one of them is dreaming of satanic imagery!

Depraved: Homosexuals do this