..You know..INTO it!

Thats latin for 'Resist all change'


The local MP for the area,Malcom foss,is damanding that fox hunting is re-introduced to the area,because he wants to

The local conservative MP,his higness malcom foss the first,has demanded that fox hunting is immediatley re-introduced to cambridgeshire,despite having been banned in the county. "Its a very important tradition" he said "After all,its the jubilee this year and many of the royal family are fox hunters also". Rich farmers also defended the decision "Well its a british institution isnt it?" Said farmer raymond twatte "The lack of decent bloodsports,and the general opinion that tearing an innocent animal apart is wrong shows how there are no moral values in todays society". Some people commented on the bad side if hunting, Mike smith of pork lane said "Fox hunting is just a bunch of toffs being cruel,i cant wait for those terrorists to be totally banned", he was denounced as a "Bloody townie" by raymond twatte,despite the fact mike has lived in felney his whole life. The herald was a bit uneasy about his "Terrorists" comment however,so we have provided this handy guide for you:

Al-queda terrorists:

Fox hunters: