..You know..INTO it!

Thats latin for 'Resist all change'


An innocent housebreaker got a shock when he stumbled across a den of deprivation and disgusting sexual practices

The burglar,who cannot be named broke into the house on pork lane with the innocent intention of stealing a VCR or TV. But got a shock when he walked into a room to find two men in the actual act of homosexual sex. "Well,i where just opening the door like,and i 'eard this noise so i looked round and saw the two doin it like,and thas like,not normal like,cause like the bible sez its a sin,like". The two men where found and interviewed by the herald,one of the demons, named Aaron anderson,said "Well,its accepted in most parts of society in these modern times,but this is the fens so i guess the word 'modern' hasnt entered your vocabulary yet". And the other man,named Vincent jones, said "Well isnt this a suprise,coming from the ignorant religious right in this backwards and bigoted shithole". The two where then arrested by the local police, but after a note from the european court of human rights where released again. Local police chief, Graham plaice said "We will stop them somehow, there has to be some loophole...". The felney herald wishes him the best of luck in finding it