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The Felney Herald parody newspaper started in 2002, to accompany the comic strip Felney, which was in its heyday at that time. Orginally it was planned to be updated every week, but that didn’t happen, though updates where fairly regular (well every 2 months!) in 2002. In 2003 there where longer gaps between them, and it eventually died in August. Since then the idea of bringing it back as a "comic strip" was mooted, but Keenspace stopped allowing text-only comics, so this wouldn’t have worked out. In October 2005, I decided to bring it back in a comic-like format, where there would be an 'edition' which contained several pages all stored in their own folders, like having a pile of paper newspapers in a box to read through. Now that this idea has been started off, all it needs is regular updates XD

Michael Martin 16th October 2005

(Yes this website is a joke)

Info about the Felney Herald