This is a leaflet we where given a LONG time ago, back at school, i decided to deface it a little bit, the defacements built up over time and got steadily more angry... then i decided to put it on the internet, except i knew bugger all about scanning so it looked like shit. Later on i scanned it again, when i knew what i was actually doing, and uploaded it to the "Other" section, Now i have made a re-design to the website i've moved it to the pisstakes section instead. This is one part of the site that actually provoked a response from readers..well one nutcase IM'ed me to say that she was really in a Coven and that they where not really evil, yeah right, ALL religion is evil!, even the ones perpetrated by girls who listen to H.I.M


Front cover

Bored? Ve vill silence you!

Page 1

For more misinformation about Centre 666...

Page 2


Page 3

Tony vas a vampire...

Page 4

British airways now hires satanic monsters

Page 5

Visit the cambridge parkside mass grave

Page 6

"And we'll kill you all like the workers you are!"

Page 7

An 'internet virtual world' has 'downloaded' in!

Page 8

Are you aged 11-17? No! Do you live in cambridge? No!

Page 9

Oppurtunities for Gary Glitter to work with local children...

Page 10

SEE-The anime sid vicious!

Back cover

Unt Vemember-you are nuttink!

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