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God save the queen elizbeth regina second, long may she reign over her subjects and her commonwealth! 

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Here are some of the companies which contribute to or sponsor Gay planet:

The gay mail-Gay news for the patriotic, upper class gay person (is there any other kind?)

Kalvin clien-Clothes company, and they also make Shoes, And aftershave, And deoderant, And cars, And electricity, And tap water, And puppet governments friendly to the 'Axis of good', And soon they will be opening a utopian super city for thier 'ubermen' on the rings of saturn

Vangaurd atlantic-A gay-friendly airline who have discount rates for gay couples, but are also reassuringly expensive so if you both go as single friends on a 'normal' airline you'll still pay half of what vangaurd charges

Rainbowtech-They sell normal stuff like pens and that, only with rainbows on and for twice the normal price

Sinisterkline and beachem-A pharmecutical company who, in the past, have been accused of vivisection and trying to find 'cures' for homosexuality. They assure us they do neither of these and give us money to run our site, as long as we give them a steady supply of captured rabbits and agree to donate our bodies to them after we die for reasearch

Poluco petrochemicals-"Theres nowt wrong 'wi thi single 'ull"

Mardi gras-The gay pride organisation who charge you 20 to walk down a street-Fabulous!

Fly vangaurd!

The stunner isnt even gay, because all gay models are steroid-pumped robots (with equally mechanical expressions) and all gay porn stars are really ugly and have mullets

Coming soon-Advice on coming out and finding supporting people if you suffer homophobia, and some sad old anarchist or something ranting about an equal age of consent and trying to attach some politcal label to being gay-what an idiot!




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Fly vangaurd-And coming soon, pay us 100,000,000,000 dollars to reserve your FREE place in our utopian super-city on the rings of saturn! (caution-no breeders or bisexuals allowed)