Welcome to freeserve art!

Hello and welcome to the webpage of Freeserve art!. This is one of the most modern of postmodern art styles which is only possible thanks to the incredible slowness of the freeserve ISP. The connection being made but then not sending or reciving any data at all means that browser windows have a special 'hall of mirrors' effect which can then be used by the artist as the canvas. This style is named after one of the first pictures: "freeserve hell" by the pioneer of freeserve art, Tarquin botherby from Eton university (cleaning dept). Today freeserve art has become a worldwide phenomenon thanks to the fact freeserve never upgrade thier servers for anytime subscribers.

Freeserves patent "1 megabyte per hour" connection!

Examples of freeserve art throughout the ages

Since this freeserve art style was invented there have been many masterpieces of this kind of art produced all over britian. We present here a small selection of some of these works, click on them to see the full version.

One of tarquin botherby's first pieces. A classic complete with artisan cubism

A rather modern example of postmodern modernism created in un-modern black and white

A wonderful cross shape by lionel rodgersheep. Complimented by the deep red background

A blue-green wavy pattern inspired by the sea

A simple yet effective line formation from tarquin

A marvellous formation of grey, black and purple

An angry, spiky image created by lionel rodgersheeps daughter anne (age 8)

Another naval pattern by Horatio nelson (no relation). The contrast between dark and light is stunning

And finally a bold new direcion for freeserve art, with a picture inside another


As you can see, freeserve art can produce some striking and thought provoking pieces by simple dragging of the mouse. And its all thanks to the 386's freeserve must use as thier network servers. We thank them for making such a great new field of artistic talent emerge

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