In today's unified European climate, sometimes you may cause offence to other citizens of the European state without realising it.

At present, this can just be laughed off, but soon the government will begin to crack down on anyone that offends people, passing new laws to ban inciting racial, religious and sexual orientation hatred. This law applies especially to people that offend Muslims, this is because a recent survey found that people who offend Muslims are more often than not linked with hardline racist groups such as Football supporters clubs. Such hardliners today spoke out against the new laws, claiming that they are an attack on freedom of speech. These people would do well to read the list, as they will find that freedom of speech is in fact something that offends Muslims. The vice president of the Islamic protection and tolerance focus committee, a Mr Osama F. Undie later countered opponents of the plans by stating "When the people are given freedom of speech they are able to use this freedom to ridicule the EU project. Such criticisms must be stamped out and silenced in order for a new era of tolerance, prosperity and peace." To aid our readers in this brave new dawn for the state, we at EU news can now present you with the full list, to avoid any future possibility that you will offend a Muslim and find yourself with a 5 year prison sentence.

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