By Mike D.Stroythebastards

(He was the one who was standing at the front of the stonewall riot wielding a length of rusty metal drainpipe filled with earth screaming "Come on ya fuckin pig bastards, I'll fuckin smash yer fuckin skulls in!", or at least he wishes he was)

Ah yes, Coming out while under fire, one of the many things ive been involved with over the years, complex process you know, back in '53 I was involved in that little contact at 42 swastika street, Sancton. There was Me, Jeff, Tommy, Fritz, Carruthers, who always smelled of scotch eggs. They where good boys know, we always looked out for each other. Anyway, we where going in to hunt down old mr gregory who threw out his gay son on the street, we spotted the bastard over by his potting shed so Fritz came down with on him with the Scmeissher, then we followed that up with hand grenades. Except in those times we called them Cabbages, funny name that really isnt it?, anyway really rather ironic because he fell into the cabbages when he was hit. Anyway we stuck his body on the bonfire then nicked his old volvo, it may have looked like an old banger but it really moved!. Smelled of wee mind..

Oh whats that? Ah right now where was I, er, In my many years in the SAS I have seen lots of books, This is undoubtedly another of them

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