"Now ya done got me all riled up!, got this dial on muh head see? On one i'm worldweary, on two i get laconic, on three i turn cynical, and on four i gets downright HARD-BOILED!"- The Mean machine

This little page is a collection of rants i have made when i've been inspired to "Go up to 4" on various message forums, LJ comments posts, Deviantart sections ect ect. They are about all sorts of things and in no real order..still if you want to know what i think about a certian thing or other it might be here..

On using violence against homophobes:

Say what you like about how kicking homophobes head's in would make me "as bad as them", if anti-fascists hadnt smashed mosley and his blackshirts at cable street the entire british empire (and it was still big in the 30's, containing much of africa, and also canada) could have been allied with hitlers germany in world war 2, and the world could have been very different today. But the working class people who belived in true freedom from evil, without having to rely on the help of the established state and the police (who pretty much supported mosley) stood together and said "No to fascism!", and they did it again in the 70's, and if we dont do it again in the 00's we could have serious trouble on our hands in the 21st century

On games with small file sizes:

But then they wouldnt take up masses of space on peoples hard drives, people would then fill these hard drives with pornography, mp3's and subversive writing, and would also have time to learn the secret of "mplayer2.exe" with its devil-worshipping "save as" function which would allow them to save content from websites not approved by the Mcgovernment, and watch or listen to it even after the Mcgovernment shuts those sites down, If that happens its surley only a small step away from letting al qaida run wild, legalizing gay marrage and marijuana and letting the communo-hippy fags take over the united states!

About some scumbags that wanted to change the friends system on LJ:

Those stupid fuckers, i remember reading one of thier sites once, they where like "oh no, a pedophile might be reading our posts! ban livejournal!", thick scum, as if a friends list is that fucking important, i even had some stupiud bitch coming on mine once and saying "hey i took u of my friends list 3 weeks ago, take me of urs", thick fucking scum, they dont deserve to share the same oxygen as normal people

About squaresoft in general:

They started to get shit after FF7, Number 8 was some retarded "Military government" rubbish, like you where in 1984 only working on the same side as the party, and there was probably some magical shit in it too but i couldnt be bothered to play it further than the shooting the sorceress bit, 9 looked like it could have been a spectacular "return to form", but its plot got a bit confused after the middle, 10 was a re-make of 8, basically, with a little window dressing, 10-2 was the stupidest idea ever ("People want a sequel to one of the FF's, lets make a sequel for THE WORST ONE!!, but, we can take out all the main characters, fuck up the already awful battle system and make it so you can change your girl's skimpy costumes in the middle of battles!" IDIOTS!), and as for 11...i dont even know what to think ("Hey, FF games sell because of thier strong storylines..lets make one with NO storyline!"). Square are like the Ford of video game companies! (and Enix are Vauxhall XD)

On removing the "Save as..." function from Windows media player:

Download? nobody downloads videos anymore!, now that we all live in bill gate's LSD-addled vision that everybody has a T3 connection, and all sites except pirate ones are stable and always online from here until the end of time, we can watch video files any time we want without having to save them!, they even removed the 'save as' feature from windows media player so we dont "accidentally" go wasting our hard disk space!