This is the section where all the other odds and ends, not deserving of the "glory" of being featured in the "other" section, get shoved.

Agony Anarchist

My version of 'Grim Rita', from the time when faceparty.com was lustparty.ru, and she wasnít on there. She since left Faceparty, and then came back. And then was sacked after shitting on the managerís desk. Well somebody had to tell him.

A Form

A badly-typed survey I found in College and filled it in in the 'all your base' stylee, then added a little pic of Jenn in catgirl form

BT Call

This was going round the old 'phreaking' sites, when I was into that type of thing, its basically some incredibly angry northern bloke screaming at a BT operator (mp3 format).

Writing Pad Cover

Too many physics lectures produces this sort of thing


It has some BmB fanart on it, and not much else. It doesnít even load fully, and I canít be bothered to re-find and scan it. Though now that I think about it, I may be using the pad itís in as a mouse-mat whilst I type this.

Dubya's Oil

The front page of the Mirror once

Gayly Mail

"How dare gay people be right wing!" I once ranted when I was still a red


Found this in college once.

More Doodles

Some odd pictures and doodles. Some mentioning something called "FF Shrine" (me neither)


Remember that faded, has-been fanfic site fanfiction.net? me neither. Anyway back when people cared they went on a big deleting spree because some whiny bint complained about sexual content, and I protested.

Final Fantasy Swindle

An Insanity Please re-working of a picture in a Sex Pistols album

Grange Hill

A leaked plot outline for next year's episodes. It doesn't matter which year, they are all the same.

Mini Rants

A collection of various outbursts from Livejournal / Forums

The Music of T.H. Crenshaw

They don't make variety performances like they used to!



Link Thingy

Once hinted at in a news post. It's actually wrong, due to being from a time when Eugene Manx was going to be set in 2010, and Agent Smoke was going to be an edited re-make of Shag Shack, with many of the same characters, even. Oh well, it's interesting. Don't bother clicking on it, mind.

How to Write Award-Winning Comedy

Don't worry about being funny or anything. Follow this formula for guaranteed success!

The TRUTH about Suicide Girls

It's time they were exposed once and for all.