An idiot writes...

I was browsing through the hard drives of computers in the CRC 'Key skills centre', which is a room where they run all the classes to teach people the basics of IT, English and Maths, usually to waste time alongside thier other courses. Anyway, on one of the hard disks i found this letter which seems to be some idiots university application, i wonder if he got in? XD

Dear sir and madam,

I am very happy to receive your offer letter, thank you for your kinds to give me a chance to entry Royal Holloway. Many of my friends who studied in there all recommend me join this great college which have glorious tradition and history, many famous people graduated from there. Maybe this is the season that the fee should more than another universities in UK. I think there will be my best choice in my life. I will do my best to achieve the offer.

However, the huge fee will cause me live in London very hard. The outcomes will over that I planed. I will go to have a job and loan some money until my father transfers the money in next academic year. Fortunately, I still have a chance to extinguish my financial problem by scholarship. If I get the scholarship I could concentrate in the studying and donít worry about my financial problem any more, further to achieve my life target. I will not forget your helping; in the nearly future I will help the prospective students who have the same problems as me.

(Reprinted exactly as found XD)