Bloody hell, this one is old XD, It dates back to a time when the main website hosted Insanity please, a comic about Final fantasy 6 and 7 crossed over and mucked about with, Later felney was made and was hosted seperatley, and then Insanity please was deleted and Felney took its place

And here is the first logo of Felney, I didnít have photoshop then (though I had used a demo version on the above image), This was intended to look like the Pymoore village sign, which depicts a countryside scene made up of coloured wooden blocks

This one was on the site for a long time, probably over a year, and it "weathered" several redesigns and changes before being replaced

This one formed the foundation of the "Anarchy" red and black colour scheme which the site had for over a year before being replaced with the dark purple one

A fairly plain and simple one that was the logo of the site when it first became known as Crystal Knights in 2005. There was a bigger, more crudely-made one on the short-lived 'splash page' as well, which warned readers that the site contained "Swearing, sex, ultra violence, gore and zombies-frankly, all the fun stuff!"