This page contains various old stuff I found while cleaning out my old computer to format it. A lot of this stuff dates from 1999-2001, and is related to various things I was involved with at that time, for instance stuff from my ex-girlfriend, final fantasy parodies and things like that. A lot of this was actually intended to be put on the internet in one way or another, but never was until now

Robot crash

Easily the oldest thing here (by me), this is a picture I drew in paint on my first computer. It was gonna be part of a "girl scouts vs shinra" thing, where the girl scouts visit a quarry (eh?), and one of them goes to the toilet while another gets control of the giant battle robot, and falls off a cliff and smashes into the ground next to the toilet. Then the one in there would come out and walk away, not noticing the huge wreck next to her... ahh, comedy genius XD

God save the boon

A poster made for the last day of school ("muck up day"), featuring the headmasters head on a poodles body smoking weed in the middle of the union jack... XD, with "extreme" sex pistols-like writing


Okay, thatís the 'essentials' out of the way, now I'll just go through the files in alphabetical order XD. This is an FFShrine parody I made shortly after leaving that site, must have been made in 2000/2001

666 Hits

666 hits on my old "Insanity please" site, check out the old site design XD

1000 Hits

1000 hits on the old site, and a slightly different old site design, still, you can see some features still evident on the Felney main page today, like the section names, the Felney main page basically comes from the same html file, just edited XD, oh and its on a different server, the Felney "portal" page which is now on the fortunecity site is just a map XD


Itís a fanart of Mei Yonghong (from planet felney, the sci fi version) from Jenn/Minny, I never uploaded it to the fanart section for some reason, so will include it here (any new fanart is welcome though, and will be put in the proper place!)


Itís a pic I drew for an old forum I used to visit called Bakaneko, I remained in touch with precisely zero of these people, some for good reasons, some cause I couldnít be bothered, still, loz64 was cool... for a christian


Heh, also from bakaneko, this guy tried to start a 'war' between bakaneko and the offspring board, he got called a stupid fucking cunt on both of them and was banned. This is a character I made of him in RPG Maker 2000. One day I may finish/re-make that game so you can fight him


Ya know the "relative removals" animation on the site (the one with the terrible voice acting), well this is the original version, dedicated to the stupid twat of a step-dad one of my friends had. We spent the entire school bus journey thinking of ways for him to die, some of which can be seen in this gif XD (I think in the end all he did was take a shit in the guys fridge, we lost touch cause I gave him my website address and not my email, and the site went down soon after... though I have realised I could just check if he's on friends reunited XD)


Was supposed to be "the insanity please answer to counting sheep", you instead count how many shinra soldiers get killed by a car XD


A cute pic Jenn drew of me and her as cat people cuddling, a few more pics of me as a blue catboy appeared, before we broke up, Though Vinny in planet Felney later became blue... even though blue cats donít exist in real life XD (well, they do, but not that sort of blue)


One of the very few still-existing screenshots of Anarchy doom, the misguided 12-level doom TC I was working on before it got fucked up. This level was set in one of those "Youth correction camps" they have in America, except it was one which had been "imported to Britain to give hope to British kids", you had to bust Tina (a distant ancestor of the Felney Tina) out, and kill lots of cops along the way. As you can see I wasnít too hot on texturing or level design then XD. You'll get to kill your way through this place in some form (doom, platformer, or other FPS) eventually though, except you'll be Aaron XD


A review of DooM by a Christian twat, I started to write this but lost interest XD, it gets up to the first room of the first level, and by then the reviewer has already worked out that doom encourages kids to summon demons using gun-shaped magical staffs, and to "choose to be gay"

English intro

The intro to a zero-wing-like blaster I was gonna make once, set in the planet Felney universe, this was the intro sequence, the way it was supposed to read..

Engrish into

..and this is what it looked like after altavista had finished with it!


The anarchy doom level again, this is the path leading up to the facility, notice the "alright actually" hedge texture, which was of course stolen XD


My old connection on my old computer used to mess up a lot (as you have probably seen from the "freeserve art" page), this is what it did to the "loved" cat icon in my livejournal once


I found this while randomly browsing Japanese websites, it looks like mike hehe, I did ask them if I could use it (using the altavista translator), but they just deleted my forum post XD, oh well, I'm sure they wouldnít mind it being on this obscure page

Jenns last word

An old textfile I found from my ex-girlfriends LJ which I thought was sweet, it no longer exists on the internet cause she deleted that LJ later on


Something somebody posted on an old 'anarky' forum I used to visit (sample post: "why do u hate bush he let us have assault rifles") during some discussion about 3l33t h4x0rz, I was amazed by his html skills then, so I saved it XD


This is a picture of my old cat, rip, who died shortly after (well, a few months), this and a pic of her on our old freezer where the last ones ever taken of her


I donít know where I got this from, or who drew it, or where to get more of them (other than the one below), but itís a cool anarchist comic, whatever site I got it from is quite probably down now, so I thought I'd put it up here


Another "anarchy cat" comic, these are cool XD


Its an old chat quote of me and Minette, I'm talking about a dream where I killed the boss of geocities... though by modern standards geocities are one of the most freedom-allowing webhosts


A pic of a character called Jane from an old porn comic I started to draw once, what's more interesting is the small snippet of chat which can be seen at the bottom... just what WHERE they talking about? XD


An old pic Minny drew of Vinny and Ann from Felney, where Ann is harassing Vinny and calling him cute... aww XD

Old logos

The old logos of the site, these go way back


An old thing I made for the original "Insanity please" comic (which has now been revived anyway), but for some reason it never actually made it to the internet, until now!

Sex Pistols Comics

Don't ask... DO NOT ask...