This is the section for other miscellaneous odds and ends that doesn't seem to fit anywhere else on the site. Make sure you also check out the Skip for assorted junk that has popped into my head and ended up being made, despite it's rubbish quality.


Doesn't require Vitalize!


Various odd articles about cars. Used to be one of the main sections of the website but has now been shoved in here as it was never updated/cared about.

Shinra job application

An application to work at Shinra, the evil corporation™ from Final Fantasy 7. This is possibly the oldest thing still remaining on this site from it's original incarnation.


An MSPain(t)-made Sailor Moon comic, I only ever made part 1

7th March 2003

A pisstake of the 8th March 2003 thing, which first appeared back in October-odd 2002 and turned out to be an advert for a book

Queer rights donor card

Who would want to save a Christian anyway? They ate the last bloke who did it.

My crib

Anarchists do it in the shed! Fascists do it with their fifth column!

The /Oldstuff chronicles

Old things that were kicking around in my files

Videogames / Doom wads

Various videogames and Doom wads I have made over the years. At least one of which may actually be semi-decent.

GTA Fangames Fansite

Reviews of various GTA fan-games that are out there. Can't wait for the next proper one? Play a home-made one!

Does require Vitalize!

Insult Maker

Press a button to see swear words. Laugh. (laughing optional)


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