GTA Fangames Review Notes

Expecting "home made" GTA fangames to come up to the standards of Vice City and GTAIV etc is going to be a forlorn hope for a very long time. Doesn't stop some thick scum on GTA forums expecting it though. As this site is not run by, well, the type of people who post on GTA forums a lot, the expectations are more realistic. Here are the elements which I feel a good GTA fan game ought to have. They are the purest GTA elements, as seen in the very first game!

Different cars

There should be multiple types of car available in the game, and they should have different performance characteristics. For instance an old jukebox should be slower than a supercar.

Traffic on the streets

GTA games should have cars driving around the streets that can be stolen, as opposed to cars just parked in places for the taking.


Can't be a GTA without people to splatter all over the road! Even if they are pink circles that bounce randomly off walls as in several fangames, they are still present and the city doesn't look like a ghost town.


Ambulances and fire engines are take it or leave it affairs, but your criminal antics should not go unpunished! For beginner game developers working in point and click engines the path-finding nessescary for advanced cop driving may be beyond their capabilities, but some blue guys that shoot at you when you are "wanted" should at least be present.


Can't be a GTA without the ability to shoot people as well as run them over. Multiple weapons are preferable but even a dot-shooting pistol on it's own is enough to scrape by in this category.


You should have more to do than just kill people at random, you should have special cars to collect, people to shoot, bombs to plant and other such nefarious activities.

Rockin' good explosions

Explosions are as much a part of GTA as, well, GTA!


Feature not implemented at all

Clumsy / poor attempt at implementing this feature

The feature has been implemented competently, but it's not perfect

This feature is just like, or better than, the original GTA

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