The Essentials

Different Cars

There appears to be five, if you include a boat. The three I tried all had different performance, ensuring a good score.

Traffic on the streets

Limited, and often gets stuck in a traffic jam


Yes, and there is enough for there to always be somebody to shoot. Drift a bit aimlessley, though, and get stuck in buildings or appear on the screen.





Pistol and machine gun, which you start the game with and they have unlimited ammo




Rockin' good explosions

They look pretty good, yeah.

The Review

Criminality is another GTA fangame made in Game Maker (as most of the ones on this site are!). I found it after searching for "theft" on, which is a sort of online portal for GM games. Ahh I can remember the days when Game Makerís site had loads of different-coloured fonts and a sparkly blue background!

Erm, anyway, the game. Initial impressions arenít too promising, as there is no real title screen, just a help screen that pops up to tell you the controls, then the game starts. You begin in a suburb outside a house, just like the San Andreas level in GTA. For some reason the game lags a bit at the start, but then starts to work better. Itís still pretty slow, but thatís probably my computer.

Graphics wise, the game has 3D "block" buildings, but they have bad texture errors, so the textures are smaller than the sides of the buildings, and appear to be "pictures" floating in the air. Oddly some of the buildings (well, three) look OK, but the rest of them have this ugly error which takes away from the game quite a lot. Also the "brick" texture used for tiled areas like driveways and the town square appears to be displayed at "high resolution", which means it warps and distorts as you move which looks very nasty and makes my eyes hurt. One of the worst things about the graphics, though, is that thereís no real transitions between different types of land, and the land and sea - they are just straight lines. The animated water in the sea looks pretty cool, though.

The pedestrians in the city wander fairly aimlessly and often get stuck on buildings. They also spawn on the screen, appearing to just walk out of nowhere. The animations of the people arenít very good, but then again they arenít just pink blobs, so itís better than a lot of GTA fangames. The people should really be respawned from points that are off the screen.

There is cars driving around the streets, but not many of them, and because of the way they "steer", by just snapping to a new direction, they get stuck in traffic jams. There seems to be only a few spawning places, or else a car limit, but you almost never see cars in most of the city and then find five of them stopped in one place. There seems to only be one parked car too, which is near the start. Thereís also a parked boat at one end of the city. If you sail off the map in the boat it loops around like Asteroids or Pac-Man. You can beach the boat by driving onto land, it then slows down and stops, before becoming damaged and exploding. I didnít try all the cars, but the boat appears to be the only one with visible damage graphics. Damage is also indicated by some cool-looking smoke, though. The explosions look quite cool too, but the animation seems pretty slow - though that might be my computer again. The cars do have different performance levels, which is a good thing. They donít have fake (or any) names, but look vaguely like real ones.

There are two guns in the game, a pistol and machine gun. You donít pick them up, you just start with them and they have unlimited ammo. The machine gun is good for killing people and blowing up cars, though thereís no cops at all, so you can do this as much as you like. If you die in the explosions thereís no "wasted" screen, you just instantly appear at the hospital.

In all this is a surprisingly decent game despite the missing features and lack of things to do. With a few more extra additions like cops, more cars and a few missions (even if itís simple ones like go to a place and shoot some people) itís score will increase greatly.

At the hospital, which is one of the few buildings in the game to have no weird texture errors. Notice the errors on the trees, which are supposed to be textured 3D cones but which are only partially textured.

A traffic jam. It appears the black car has tried to turn in front of the yellow one, and then they have both stopped, not allowing any others to go further. Itís good that they have detectors so they stop "apart" from each other, and not touching, though.

Test driving a sports car. This shot really shows the horrible texture errors on the buildings which need sorting out.

More errors, and a guy stuck inside a building! This is the town square area which is good for "massacres" with the few people around.

A very un-detailed bridge, itís just a road in water. These non-existent terrain transitions really take away from the game.

The boat after beaching.

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