This section contains the numerous videogames i have made. Most of them were created using the Clickteam products such as The Games Factory and Multimedia Fusion, though there are some others too. Most of them are just short games reminiscent of old space invader type games, though usually with better graphics!

Clickteam products

Kana Learna

Simple multiple-choice game to help people learn Japanese Kana

Jambuster EX

A very much-improved version of Jambuster, made for a competition on the Daily Click. Also features 3 different minigames.

Spak Invaders

Fight off the horde of bullies who want to sit next to you at exam time! With authentic pencil flicking sound effects.


Play as a supermodel and blow away the endless tide of journalists who want to snap your topless sunbathing.

Alien Attack

Crap pretend "80's" game with ASCII art for graphics. Thinking back I believe it was just an attempt at making the high score tables work. When I first got MMF2 they didn't.

BBFC Smash

Worth downloading for the rage-filled text content. I was pretty damn angry… game's fairly rubbish though, I actually made it in a cracked version of TGF years and years ago.

Dress-Up Tina

Only made because there was a dressup thing on the RPG world (what? –exactly) site ages ago.

Felney Bug Blaster

Shoot at bugs. Was originally going to be a screensaver but it uses the mouse, and mouse movement made screensavers made in MMF 1.5 automatically close.

Felney Game

A rubbish platformer with zombie-shooting, an "alright actually" UFO blasting game (but with horrible sound effects), a mind-numbing point and click shooter and finally a bizarre version of volleyball mixed with breakout that it's almost impossible to lose at.

Jam Buster

Speed down the motorway making other cars crash, horrendously bug-ridden but still playable.

Punk Band Name Generator


Felney UFO Blaster 2

About the only semi-decent game I've made. An improved version of the UFO section from the Felney game

Game Maker

Asteroid Race

Speed through the deadly asteroids! A not-particularly-satisfying simulation of a game I used to play in the school playground, running through crowds of people trying to play football.


Asteroid Race 3D

Making this was possibly the most annoying experience of my life.

RPG Maker 2000

Final Fantasy Anarchy

Aka Insanity Please – The Game. Based on my FF6/7 crossover comic, this is pretty long if you decide to explore and do everything. No fancy custom menu/battle sequences, mind.

Doom Modifications

Doom Wads

I create things for Doom now and then. Make sure you read the requirements! Not all of these are "just drag 'n drop into zdoom" things.

Online Games

Online Games

Games playable in your browser

What Gamers Think

Extra crap you may need for the downloadable games:

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