Christians seem to be the living embodiment of the "Dish it out but cant take it" mentality. Which i am proud to say i enjoy exploiting as much as i possibly can XD. So when i heard about thier new "Donor card" scheme where they carry cards that read "If i die i do not want my child to be adopted by homosexuals". Well i doubt many homosexual couples would want some brainwashed brat telling them they'll go to hell every time they kiss or fail to go to church-but anyway. Here is my direct response

I will give up my atheism when you pry it from my cold dead fingers (note-not an invitation)

Just print the page, cut along line, then stick it to some cereal box card or something and carry around with you, ever prepared for your untimley death when an insane christian sniper in a church shoots you and your boyfriend in a crowded city centre