MY crib

"Where a guy at the other end of the professionality scale does it"

Having seen that "Keen cribs" site, where various keenspot artists submit a photo of thier workspace, with various annotations around it, i just had to create my own one, showing how an unprofessional, pretty-much-broke-sponging-off-parents and the-quality-doesnt-count-the-message-does (the punk rock ideal) "artist" creates his comics, and seeing as i doubt they'd let someone with those 'qualifications', who isnt part of keenspot and doesnt even have PREMIUM post his crib to the actual site, i'll just have to stick it on fortunecity XD (Hey, at least you wont have to pay to see it in a months time..not that you shouldnt get PREMIUM if you actually have a credit card, and the money)

The 'office' (bedroom)

The new computer, in my bedroom/'office'/terrorist command centre (as the police describe it). This is what i now use for making Felney on, and starting next week what i will also use for scanning felney on. Ahh back to the good old days of my webcomic production, when it could do it all in the privacy of my own room like some hideously perverted monster carrying out an unspeakably disgusting activity behind closed doors

The shitty old scanner that served me 'well'

Well, all of Insanity please, and just about all of Felney, was scanned on this thing, it used to crash every month or so and need a complete re-install (Requiring total removal and re-adding to the system, a process which required around 5 restarts, and on my old computer that took a LONG time), so it will get a mention. Its now destined for a landfill somewhere, or being used as target practice for my crossbow thingy i have in the garden somewhere

The old computer the old scanner used to be attached to

This used to be in my room, but is now in the dining room downstairs in my house, still it lasted me from 1999 to very early 2003, so its not that bad heh. The old scanner used to be attached to this thing, meaning i had to scan the comics when my parents where out so they couldnt see them..but now i have a nyoo one heheh.


She takes her name from my old girlfriends nickname, except she's more friendly and understanding..and much more fuzzy XD