Hah!, see, i do like SOME modern cars, just very few XD. Also quite a few of these are now out of production anyway, making them 'used cars', but at least theres still lots about XD

Ford KA

The cool little 'bubble car' that, by some amazing miracle, they are still making. Yes, you can actually go into a Ford dealer and buy something 2004!. Of course this car really belongs to 1996, and i doubt its gonna be around for ever, still, a 1.3 engine in something that weighs as much as a matchbox means fun, even if it is widely known as a 'hairdressers car' XD

Ford Mondeo MK2

The best looking Mondeo i reckon, it just looks like its smoothly gliding through the air even standing still, nice interior too. The top of the range Leather-and-V6 Ghia is VERY nice, kind of a Granada-Sierra hybrid, before the Mondeo became the Granada and the 'normal ford family car' became the ugly and despised Focus C-MAX, urgh!. Still, this kind of Mondeo is (apart from the KA) probably the last good ford, though it will never be as cool as a Cortina, obviously

Honda Jazz

Its got 5 doors, Its got good performance from a small, economical engine and its not a Civic XD. You can also get them in a giant range of colours, including some very nasty purple ones XD. It also has a giant range of options, including a paddle-shift gearbox, which would be illegal if i had my way XD

Renault Clio

The previous model was fugly, but the latest one is nice. Soon to be replaced by a 'mini-modus' peice of shit though. I got one of these to be my daily driver, while i look for a classic, mine is a special edition too, so it has the seats from the 2 litre Clio Cup version (with barcodes on), some chrome bits inside, fancy dials, a trip computer (which i naturally never use) and other little bodywork bits. The picture here is of the maddest Clio of all, the 3-litre V6 one that goes 150 mph XD, my one is a little more restrained, with a 0-60 time of an incredible 17 seconds..LOL

Renault Scenic

This style has now been replaced, though i also like the new one, this is better. Or maybe i'm just biased cause my parents have the top of the range one XD. Its got great acceleration, and more importantly a great sound, from the 1.9 turbo diesel, and is very comfortable (never thought i'd say that about a "we must have rock-solid seats to stop people enjoying driving" modern!)

Rover 75 Mk1

Also now criminally no longer made. Well they do still make a near-indentical version, just with ugly lights and no chrome on it. Sales are falling and they cant tell why XD. Aside from the beautiful outside, the Interior actually looks nicer than a modern beamer to me, and those seats are gorgeous, specially the black leather ones XD. Ive only sat inside one once, and it wasnt moving, but it was very comfortable XD. In 15 years time i will own one of these, when they are 'bangers', and i can insure it XD

Smart Roadster

Not ugly like an Austin-healy sprite, Doesnt rust at the mere mention of rain like an MG Midget, and its European!. Its also over priced and has a dodgy 'semi automatic' gearbox. Even the Light version costs 11 can get a Megane for that! (and that comes with a radio!). What they should do is give it a normal manual gearbox, which should bring the price down, and call it the 'supalite' or something, and sell it for about 7 grand..everybody in britian would buy one!. Aside from that, it goes 90mph, Does 55mpg and handles like a Kart..its the most fun you can have with your top down!