27/05/17 - Corrections in the Comic Section

Yeah, no more Insanity Please got made, or Agent Smoke, for that matter. But I have done some fixing around the site. Due to screwups with the menu, and domain redirects, Eugene Manx, Mary of Middleford and Queer as Fuck have all been "inaccessible", so I have fixed them all, and also added the two "print" comics to the normal comics section, rather than the small press section, which will become defunct when the new site is (finally!) made, anyway. Also, the pages of those three comics are now as they will appear on the new design, the current drop-down menus will be dropped in favour of a less glamourous, but more efficient, iframe with CSS-generated buttons in it. For now the "new" menu is just a simpler placeholder.

I also found a thing called Waifu 2x, which does high-quality size increases to artwork or photos. As the name sort of implies, it's mainly for weaboos to upsize old artwork of thier anime waifus, if those waifus are now long in the tooth and had more art made of them in the 90's or 2000's (perhaps even on CG Shrines, remember that?), but I have used it to upsize Eugene Manx, though now the art looks a bit "vectorey", at least the text is easier to read.

More annoyingly, the hourly comic for the 14th of May was the first time in a while that I actually finished an hourly comic the same day. Shame it took nearly two weeks to get around to scanning and uploading it, eh?