03/10/17 - Oh yeah, I didn't actually leave Osaka

...because I quit the shit job and got a new one, and it's great! Considerably less pay, but what are 5kg sacks of rice for 1500 yen for, eh?

Anyway, issue 30 of Felney and issue 4 of Tabakushō are both up. Felney was the last one in which I tried using grey Copic pens as "colour", and Tabakushō is the first one in which I'm using the grey shading as mere "enhancement" to the things that are the focus of the scene, and/or to darken the background out.

A more important update is that I might finally start knocking out comics at a decent rate! Since 2006 I've been using Pilot gel pens for inking, and have always been paranoid about the ink smudging when I move my hands / a ruler over it, because it takes ages to dry. This resulted in me drawing a few lines on one page, then switching to another, and taking long breaks too, so pages took ages to get done. I've now switched to Copic lineart pens, the ink from those dries a LOT faster, panels that used to take days to ink now take only an hour or so. The upshot of this being that Felney and Tabakushō might start moving at a pace somewhat above glacial, issue 5 of the RWB might get done by January 2018 and that "speed drawing excercise", Fiasco, might start to see some SPEED for once. Keep your eyes open!