These pics are mostly ones that used to be on the "about me" page, but new ones will surface here as well now and then, until I get a new good one that I like enough to go on the "about me" page XD. No nude ones will be found here though. Doesnít mean they wont turn up elsewhere though XD.

Judging by the shirt, its late 2001 or early 2002

Summer 2003, this one turns up all over

1999/2000, The Fal Estuary in Cornwall.

Donít remember XD

2001-ish, my hair is growing

late 2000? Just after a shower

late 2000?

Les Invalides, paris, probably 2000



2003-ish, I belive. It was on the main page but I donít like it

VERY old, 1999 I think, this is on my driving licence XD

2002 sometime

2001 I think, fluffy hair edges

Dark, was with Jenn at the time, I remember, so 2001-2

First attempt at a ponytail XD. Must have been 2002

Rip, from 1998 I think

Rip again, on the freezer, the papers might help date it?

Same time as the one above, but with more light

early 2005

Aug 16th 2005

Aug 16th 2005

june/july 2005. In the bathroom XD

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