This is an OLD version of the "about me" page dating back to January 2002! Do not take it seriously.

Also, i know the pictures are dead. Weren't worth seeing anyway

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Yes,its the section about the creator of this site,yay

Dish ish me:

Arent panoramic cameras brilliant! you can get loads of other crap into the pic as well as the thing you wanna take one of! brilliant!!!

The old pic that used to be here,damn my hairs short in this one!

Me in front of the Les invalides,paris-ive got no eyes!

(Yep,newer pic,my hair is still longer though)

Well,this is the bit about the creator,which a lot of pages have-specially pages about people who created them.My names mike,and i live in little downham in england (The real Felney,if you havent guessed by now/are coming to this page to find a reason to hate me),Im 17 years old,even though certian people dont belive me >:( .Im an anarchist,and have belived in radical and left wing politics for about a year and a half now (and about another year before that thinking it was about insane bombing and killing).Im also bisexual -and ive been that all my life :) though i didnt "know" it until recently,due to some bullshit law called section 28 i didnt even know there was a word for loving both sexes-i thoguth it was just called "half gay"-ooh well,bit of the ole grassroots DIY education helped me out,instead of being driven to confusion,madness and suicide by the school system.I guess that a lot of people think im pretty intelligent,but im definitley not smart enough for the college course that im (being forced) on,which is AVCE Science at CRC (Cambridge Regional College-IE the zoo),a lot of people think i know lots about policical theory,well ive read a load of stuff about it anyway (did you know the core ideal of faschism is not to be racist? And a non racist faschist society is possible?,not that i want that).Ive got no interest in being some ivory tower philosopher though.I just wanna get a job and be a worker.I listen to a lot of '77 punk music,such as Sex pistols,Sham 69,Stiff little fingers and many others,i tend to like most of them-but prefer the optimistic pacifist ones (SLF then) because im more like that,actually the main inspiration to make Felney didnt come from seeing other online comics and thinking i'd have a go (that was called insanity please,that died out ages ago),but from songs such as SLF's "Alternative ulster" and "At the edge",i wonder if felney is the only online comic to be inspired by a band? Could be!.Hmm,what else to write,I tend not to have a lot of friends,partly cause 80% of the british population are violent and bigoted fuckwits,but the ones i do have are fairly good friends-though my best friend of all is 13 years old and lives in canada,not that there doesnt have its share of Felneys and 'Nowheres' too (Cough,Deux montagnes ^^).Ive got a lot of beliefs,ive already said i belive in anarchism,my religion is christian,but i dont belive in following the bible and the church a lot because they tend to concentrate on the negative sides of people and are always banging on about how bad things are rather than encouraging change and acceptance.I also belive in UFO's and aliens,because ive seen an actual UFO that i couldnt think up any real explanation for,and because the universe is so huge even if we did evolve by chance it must have happened somewhere else also.hmm,i guess this is about all there is to say,so go read some more interesting stuff