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E-mail/MSN messenger: m_deathbringer@hotmail.com

AOL instant messanger (AIM): crazyanarkist

Notes about emailing me: Make sure you put something like [Felney] or [Your comic] in the subject line, I get a LOT of spam and delete most of my emails without even opening them, so if the subject is something like "Hi!" it will have no chance of being read. If I don’t reply to an email within a week send another one or try and IM me, or post on the forums. I like to reply to every (legitimate) message i get, so you should get one back sooner or later XD.


Me name is Mike, i live in a little village out in the Fens in Cambridgeshire, England, its quite boring XD, but there are some nice twisty and bumpy roads to drive on. Unfortunatley there's also lots of tractors XD.

I'm Bi, but single at the moment, i'm just keeping me options open. For a long time now i've preferred females, in fact i'm virtually straight again. But if a really sexy guy comes along i wont say no XD. I’m also much more picky about males, they generally have to have long hair and be ‘right for me’, even if we’re only having casual fun. However i find virtually all females attractive.

I love comics, mainly Judge Dredd, and The Simping Detective, was getting back into Commando as well, but they're one spond ten now, they used to be 50p! So I only buy ones with "interesting" titles. I also make some of my own, Felney and Scum Slaughter, which are on the internet (and Scum Slaughter was also briefly on sale in paper form. I sold 5 XD), also on the 'net i read SSDD, High Maintenance and Deathworld. I recently got a really cool one called "Scarlet Traces", its a sequel to War Of The Worlds, that was written 100 years later XD (because the original was, of course, a book written in England in 1898, not a radio show or 50's film XD)

My number one passion is Classic cars, i know nothing mechanical wise, i just like spotting them, or driving them on the playstation (one day i'll collect all the classics in Midnight Club 3 XD). I do have a Mini (a real one!) that has been modified for hillclimbing (racing seats, roll cage, high performance air filter and exhaust system), it sounds like a Lancaster!. Me daily driver is boring 2004 Clio, I may chav it up one day when i'm old, or at least give it a Renault-fitted sports exhaust to make it a bit louder. Though lately i have become interested in classic diesel conversions, shoving a small modern diesel engine in a Rover P4 ought to give it the same (slow) performance but 45mpg and sod all pollution, an "auntie" you can drive every day? i'm in!. Or i may just get a Hindustan Ambassador, it looks like a 50's Morris Oxford but never breaks down. And if you go to India and buy a cheap one it has bench seats and a column shift!

I'm a Eurosceptic and support UKIP, but i also support gay marriage (well actually gay and straight Civil Partnerships, as Marriage is a leftover from the age of religion, and should be discarded) and watch foriegn films with subtitles. No you are misinformed, you just assume "leave the EU" means "We hate forigners".

I am pro-progress, that means i support animal testing, stem-cell research, atomic (AND renewable) energy, and gene therapy. And i belive anybody who doesnt is a traitor to the human race.

Finally i'm an absolute hardline atheist, to the point of seeing religious people as traitors to the destiny of the human race. Religion served its purpose (stopping us killing each other for a laugh), but now science and secular laws have taken over, it is no longer required.

I'm currently studying Biomedical Science at Lincoln University. I expect to drop out at the end of the first year because i hate it and almost dropped out of College (CRC, Where i did AVCE Science) every other week, and this is the same but 10 times worse. I had an awful job where i did the work of two people, under a screaming and unreasonable bully, in a blisteringly hot envrionment. But since i came to university i've actually been missing it.


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