This is an OLD version of the "about me" page dating back to April 2001! Do not take it seriously.

Also, i know the pictures are dead. Weren't worth seeing anyway

The current "about me" page



Yep,its bin changed-took out the school pics cause they where causing problems with the host


'But nobody really cares'

Ahh!-its 'im!

Crap about me in no paticular order

Yap to me!


ICQ: 110585420

'I regret that i have but two middle fingers to give to my country'-The best thing i ever came out with

Sex:male/yes please/any other ainchent pun you can think of...

Drugs:Ya think i'm crazy or suffink?

Rock 'n' roll:Sex pistols,Dead kennedys,Sham 69,The ruts,Stiff little fingers,Adverts...

Age:16,But it changes every year!

Born in:A hospital that isnt there any more

Capitalism-Powerful and strong,but easy to target

Political alinement:Anarchist!

Anarchism-small and weak,but when we strike you'll know about it!

Personality described by FF characters:Quiet as vincent,anarchist as banon and as experimented on but escaped and wants to destroy the government as terra

Favorite colour:Red and black!

In a rut:You gotta get out of it

Hopes and dreams:Exams count not football teams

Does his FTP program work well:Yes!

Favorite videogames:DooM,Then FF6,Then 7

How many major anti-capitalist protests ya been in?:None! (yet!)

How come you have long hair/an anarchist t-shirt in the comic?:Cause thats my ideal world!-this shithole isnt!

Its me!-At least i wish it was!

Not bloody likley to get a job in:The army,the police,anything my parents want (Id rather be cleaning sewers than be some suit crunching non-existant numbers in a concrete box all day


Crime:Well,theres the deluxe package,where i'll do yer motor-then the proffesional-where i'll actually come in and 'ave yer video-and the platinum,where i'll make sure me mate razor doesnt shit in yer bed!

Cant say on the radio:Crap

Experimented on you?:Well,i had to go to mental hospital cause my parents where 'worried' about me-and i had to do some BS test about hormones (They probably where scared i was gay)-Well anyway i now refuse to do anything of the sort,am an anarchist-and turned out bisexual just to rub it in!

All your base:Are belong to me

Caring that nobody goes to this site level:12%

Suicidal level:19%-Back of mind

Goes to:Cambridge regional college,oh sorry,did i say college?-i meant zoo

Likley to be there next year?:Fuck off

Loves your country how much?:Bugger all