This is an OLD version of the "about me" page dating back to summer 2003! Do not take it seriously.

Also, i know the pictures are dead. Weren't worth seeing anyway

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You can also read updates on my "life" and my views on various current affairs at My diary

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Notes about emailing me: Make sure you put something like [Felney] or [Your comic] in the subject line, I get a LOT of spam and delete most of my emails without even opening them, so if the subject is something like "Hi!" it will have no chance of being read. If I donít reply to an email within a week send another one or try and IM me, or post on the forums..if you still get no reply im probably too busy to bother with the website (as happened recently, when I moved to a homeless hostel for a while), but there will be one eventually!

Ah, a new update..i never know what to write in these things, like most people. Im a Polyamarous, Bisexual Atheist who used to be an anarchist but now doesnít shout about it..if that makes much sense. This site exists because I wanted the world to know how utterly shit the fens are, being filled with racism, fascism, homophobia and only 3 buses a day!. Im rambling already arent I?, well anyway, I am interested in medical science, and I got AVCE's at Cambridge Regional College, in Cambridge (Note to unknowing people: THIS IS NOT cambridge university!, im not that good!), I want to eventually get a job in some lab that is researching a cure for some fatal disease, such as Cystic fibrosis, But for now im stuck at home doing nothing XD. I also want to make videogames, but usually give up because I donít know how to do certain things, get bored of making the graphics, or have another idea XD. My main videogame project is to make a GTA3-Like game set in Felney (and the nearby city of Ely), but I cant do that until MMF 3D comes out, which wont be until 2006 probably XD

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