This was originally going to be a "can't sleep!" comic about a bloke running around in a "facility" full of zombies with a chainsaw, chopping them up (with judicious red paint pen use) and uttering Doom Comic-like phrases such as "Thatís your spinal cord, baby!". However I decided to start it with a lovemaking couple in a caravan in The Fens, and within minutes it had become a re-make of "Zombie Attack!", a strip I did in 1996 for an ill-fated school newspaper. The basic story is a horde of Zombies have appeared in the Fens, near to Felney (the house in the first one is actually pretty much a direct copy of an old friend's house, he lives in the middle of nowhere without any other houses for miles) and various people are caught up in it and have to fight their way out, while the army move in to stop the infection spreading any further. There should be around 4 of these strips eventually, follwing what happened to different people involved in the outbreak.

Story 1 - The Lovers



Part 1

21st May 2004

Part 2

22nd May 2004 - 24th May 2004

Part 3

24th May 2004 - 29th May 2004

Part 4

29th May 2004 - er...13th October 2004 XD

Story 2 - The Gangsters

Part 1

April 23rd 2004 - July 16th 2006

Part 2

July 19th 2006 - August 20th 2006

Story 3 - The Vet

Story 4 - The Soldiers