Jane is 23 years old, and has come to Japan after graduating from Farnbridge University, because "it's something to do". She knows virtually nothing about Japanese culture, beyond Sushi and Sumo. She also can't speak a word of Japanese, when she first arrives - and even wildly mispronounces place names.

Jane originally comes from the small village of Felney, in Cambridgeshire, where her mum is a bit of a ranting, bigoted loudmouth. Even by the standards of Felney. Jane prefers to take people as she finds them, though her knowledge of the outside world is not as developed as it might be

She has a very vague "rock chick" style, though likes all sorts of music. She also likes shopping, socialising, clubbing and other things the completely average young woman is into. She wants to work as a holiday rep, when her working holiday is over.


Susan is also 23, and also recent graduate. She started out in Farnbridge University, but completed her degree elsewhere, after leaving Farnbridge under a bit of a cloud. While there, she fell in love with a guy called Pete Chiu, who was, incedentally, Jane's flatmate in the first year. Her love remained unrequited, though.

Susan is an otaku and a fujoshi, she can speak a bit of Japanese, and claims to be an "expert on Japanese culture", though her "expertise" only seems impressive to somebody who knows nothing about Japan, like Jane.

Susan's hobbies are drawing fanart and manga, posting art and political memes on her Tumblr, and campaigning for social justice across the internet. She is on the Japan English Teaching (JET) Programme, and intends to stay in Japan as long as it will allow her. Perhaps even wooing a Japanese husband, and settling there?

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