I was looking through some old Felney stuff, and found several strips which where drawn, and then for reasons probably involving either laziness or them no longer being topical, where never coloured and uploaded. So I decided to just stick them up here in an un-edited form. Also included is my aborted "comic review" of the Big Gay Out, which took place in Finsbury Park on the 23rd of July 2005.

The Agency

This was to be the start of a long conspiracy-thriller storyline. But it never got off the ground. "The Agency" is likely to become a 'gang' in Grand Theft Felney, or an enemy organisation in Scum Slaughter.

Big Brother Sex

The first people to have sex on Big Brother in Britian where in the 'teen big brother' spinoff, so it took a load of horny 18 year olds and alcohol to finally get them to do what EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD did in their FIRST series!

Cream Bra

Mike gets a bra made out of spray-cream from Ann, then Vinny walks in on them XD


Another "Nothing in the fens ever changes" one.

Gay Disorder

A similar theme to the one with a big Tom Robinson quote that mike says comes from Newsnight.

Gay Vice

Mike plays Vice City and accidentally turns Vinny and Aaron on, again.


This was to be the start of a Felney graphic novel with the idea of printing it to sell at some con or other. Never got past a page.


I was reading on a forum once that somebody thought Hitler was left wing…

Iraq Doom

A serious one about the reasons for the second Iraq war, and then a silly one about Doom and Ann tormenting Mike.


Just before Felney was moved onto Keenspace.

Legend Christmas

Another "Legend of Felney" one about how christianity is just a fad that wont last a year XD.


A defiant cry of rebellion against the system. You know this is true!


Its suprising how much I sound, and look, like a more famous British webcomic creator in this.

No Future!

I still had some sex pistols in me at that time.


Want to hear top ten singles weeks before they come out in the shops? Forget Kazaa, get a Radio!

Plane Home

The alternate ending to the amazingly crappy "Trip to Japan" storyline that went nowhere.


A Racist tries a suicide bombing. Also has an advert for Queer as fuck, we all know how sucessful THAT was!

Tina Job

You know, once I got a job I was gonna make Tina do the same job in Felney, and take the piss out of it "through" her, but by the time I did get one I had given up on making Felney.


Various different ones…


A few more various ones…

Big Gay Out 1

Part 1 of the review

Big Gay Out 2

Part 2 of the review

Big Gay Out 3

Part 3 of the review