Stuart: He has tatty jeans, a tatty TRB t-shirt, stripy hair and a Capri. He's a total nutter, and seems to cause a major road accident whenever he goes out for a drive. He falls in love with Phil, which causes a few problems for both of them

Phil: 17 years old, and absolutley stunning. No problem, you might think, but this is 1985, so the age of consent for gay sex is 19..not that anybody human is bothered by that. His parents are also in the BNP, but with stu as his boyfriend you can expect a lot of blood to flow!

Mike: A "Minor" character by comparison, he has a large, bright green mohican, and is quite strong. He has a green 305 with the registration number C475ZIG..where have we seen that before? XD. (He is, however, no relation to the Mike in Felney, for some reason i gave him that name though..see why i abandoned this comic? it wasnt too thought-through XD) He's also the only one of the 3 to not be gay

Phil's dad

He's in the BNP

A police chief

His mission is to solve the large amount of theft and car crime which seems to be happening around the city

Margret thatcher

The prime minister of britain in 1985