Ford Capri

Stu's modified beast, he's bored out the engine to 3.1 litres, like the old RS3100 mk1 capris, as well as adding 'racing' tape over the headlights, and a hi-tech sound system that plays "audio casettes", something like a small 8-track XD. He added leather seats too

Pegeout 305

A big, diesel-powered Saloon that appeared in the late 70's, they where never a common sight on britians roads, and by 2005 are all but extinct, or used for banger racing. Still they are very cool looking, like a french cortina, also they have incredibly soft seats that put today's shitty rock-solid "ergonomic" bullfuck to shame


A super-cool tiny car that was built from 1959 up to 2001, before being replaced by an utter peice of shit for "safety reasons", even though Fiat are bringing back the 500 and the smart car has just as much 'padding' around its passengers..Rover fucking sold British car fans out!

Rover SD1

A really cool looking Rover V8 super saloon, sadly it was the first 'crap' rover, and they started rusting before they even reached the end of the production line, but a great drive if you can get one..just strip it out and get the whole fucking shell and every panel powder-coated XD

Ford Granada

A big, mean, british muscle car, the one seen in the strip is the mk1, which was a bit old by then, the old one was the roughest and meanest, the mark 2 was a bit more laid back, and the mark 3 was made for 80's yuppies to cruise along the motorway talking on thier 'brick' mobile phones..all where cool, and gauranteed classics

Ford Sierra

From 1983 to 1993, these where Ford's staple saloon, all independant steering and good brakes made them nice to drive, while the performance versions, such as the Cosworth RS500 and XR4i went fast enough to even worry porsche owners. They found acceptance from Bank Robbers to Cops, through old people, young parents starting a family, and people who just wanted a runaround for the 1992, just before the Mondeo arrived, every other car on the road seemed to be a they are becoming classics too, a badge they truly deserve!

Vauxhall Carlton

A big long Vauxhall saloon that was kind of like thier Granada, only a bit more tacky and cheap, it went well enough though, and Vauxhalls of that time looked damn cool, especially the Astra and Nova