This is the original version of the Insanity Please comic, never been on the net before!. I did start to scan it way back when i first made it (this was before i made the gifs!), and colour it using Paint, but i didnt know anything about how scanning worked then, and was annoyed that on the (huge) scanned image the fill tool on paint no longer performed its stated function XD. Anyway, now that Insanity please has been revived i thought i would present this horrible comic for public viewing, While it has some basic elements of Insanity please (final fantasy crossover, fighting against shinra), it includes numerous stupid cameos, such as South park characters, The MST3K crew (well, Tom, and an observer), and Ronnie biggs, of all people XD. Also note that i didnt take too much trouble tidying it up after scanning XD, might replace the dialouge with typed text one day, but all the sketchy lineart stuff remains in the strip

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