Insanity please started life in 1998, on the school bus! Me and my friend used to make up stupid stories involving a mixture of Final Fantasy 7, South Park, Punk rock, MST3K and heavily-armed Girl Scouts. It usually ended with shinra (who were like "Microsoft, Virgin and the Nazis") killing Kenny and acting very stupid. Inevitably, I started to make insanity please comics, but they weren't very good, and expected the reader to already know all of our insane "back stories". They also featured a cameo apperance by the great train robber Ronnie Biggs, who was then living in exile in Brazil (and who had, in the late 70's, briefly become the singer of the post-Johnny and Sid Sex Pistols).

It wasnt until 2000 that insanity please was brought to a larger audience, as an online comic strip! (and a few dodgy gifs). Gone were the south park refrences and "celebrity cameos", Instead it was now more of a crossover of Final Fantasy 6 and 7, with some Punk and a lot of violence. Shinra were a sinister world government a bit like "The Party" from 1984. Though still idiots.

Several of the characters were considerably changed. That sample strip features Kefka, who wasnt a clown, but an unfeeling cyborg. Terra wasn't a lost, confused girl but more of a slightly stupid, "leap before you look" character. The story centered around the Returners (FF6) fighting the Shinra (FF7) in the world of FF7, which had the towns from FF6 placed into it. Most of the towns were considerably bigger (like real-world cities), and it's semi-implied there's also smaller villages between them. Also, I added a few extra locations of my own invention, such as 'Castle Hopenstien', where the heroes rescue the disgraced General Celes (Who, unlike in the game, was a battle hardened take-no-shit veteran with amazing combat skills and strength).

Anyway,the strip originally planned to show the slow struggle against Shinra, which the Returners would eventually win, after slowly killing off all the senior members of the Shinra government. I also planned a concurrent SNES-style RPG (made with RPG Maker 2000, a once-popular piece of software from Japan, which had been pirated by a Russian), and a Doom wad, loosely based on some of the action scenes. However, I wasn't planning the comic out in advance, and eventually ran out of ideas. I really wanted to fill it with "serious satire" that would convert the readers into Anarchists, but am nowhere near good enough a writer for that. The serious storylines always fell on their faces, the only good stuff was the plotless violence. On the 25th of May 2001, Insanity Please was killed off, and deleted from my website. Still, at 225 daily strips, it was both the longest comic I had done (at the time), and the most consistent; nearly all of those 225 strips had been daily updates!

Towards the end of Insanity Please, I'd been running it alongside Felney (Insanity Please daily, Felney at the weekends. I later had 4-day weekends, and did strips on all four of those days). After Insanity Please was deleted, Felney became my main strip, and ran for several years (not always consistently, and often with stupid filler). Eventually Felney, too, started to peter out due to a lack of ideas. I was also splurging out a bunch of other webcomics, and working on a load of never-finished, over-ambitious videogame and Doom wad projects (including a promising Insanity Please RPG, made in the far-superior RPG Maker 2003, but I lost that in a crash). Eventually I got a job, paid-for web-hosting, and decided to put Insanity Please back online! Even later still, I decided to continue updating it! It's both art practice (albiet scribbled), AND content!

Note: Felney is now also pretty much dead, and Insanity Please is back online!, though not being updated. Both of them can be found in the Comics section of Crystal Knights, just use the menu above!

Note to the note: Felney is ever-so-slightly revived, and Insanity Please is also occasionally updated daily for a few weeks every 3 years or so, keep checking it out once in a while XD

Note to the note to the note: Now it's 2015, New Felney is "here", but only very slowly updated. Need to start doing it in a simpler style. I'd like to take the time to develop one, but a needy, dependent Filipino keeps harassing me online. Insanity Please also gets the odd burst of updates - it had a decent run in 2005, a derisory block of strips in 2006, a pretty good burst in 2011, a long run in 2014, and is now going again in 2015. I also updated this page a bit! (12th April, fact-fans!). The "Esper War" storyline is finally ending, and I'm hopefully going to trundle through the next few storylines with comparative ease, and regularity. The overall plot is now more solidly planned - no more politics, just hyper-violence and fun!