A map of the world in 2063 I decided to make, as a background to Agent Smoke, Millman and a few other stories I have planned which are set in the 2060's era. This is the world as shaped by two major events of the 21st century (in my fictional world and not the real one XD). These are the great revolution of 2014 which predominantly happened in Europe, but also spread outside. It overthrew the current trends of political correctness, government intervention and interference in daily life, and control of the major corporations leading to a bland and boring society. This will be depicted in the Doom wad Scum Slaughter 2 (eventually!). After the revolution the corrupt leaders of the EU, along with thier corporate backers, hid in remote places in the Middle East and plotted revenge. Inventing a form of thought control which renders people passive and obedient, they form a vast army called Stealth Force, which takes over several countries. Countering this the new and non-toothless United Nations forms a united army called Wolf Force. These two sides fight the Third World War of 2020-2023. This is depicted in the comic The Gun, and the coming re-makes.


Canada: Has expanded southwards and incorporated some northern states of the United States. It is more of a major world power now, even taking over that role from the USA. However it is more sensible and doesn't try to obnoxiously force it's views on everyone else.

United States of America: Economically and physically a shadow of it's former self. Torn apart by internal struggles by uncompromising extremists and a refusal to find middle ground. It remains a (relatively) liberal democracy. Relatively when compared to-

The Confederacy: A re-forming of the Confederate states. Officially it is a conservative democracy. Actually it is a brutal regime where christianity is compulsory, science is banned, homosexuals are killed and non-white people are excluded from everything but the lowest jobs. It formed in the 2050's and many gay people where evacuated by the "airborne railroad" of Zeppelins from Homonia. Other people likely to be victimised like straight black people and scientists where also flown north and dropped off. The Confederacy likes to think it is a major world power, but everyone else ignores it. It has nuclear weapons but not the ability to fire them, or the money to build new ones.

California: This state has formed it's own country, the capital being Los Angeles. It is generally a liberal democratic society. San Francisco is regarded as an "alternative" to Homonia, for liberal gays who think religious people can be "negotiated with".

Mexico: Has grown northwards and integrated a few southern US states. A no-man's land exists between it and the Confederacy.

Cuba: Yep. Still commies, and driving 110 year old cars (you thought Sarah was bad!).

Empire Of Brazil: Having legalised homosexuality in the 1830's (yes, EIGHTEEN thirties) they got pissed off by homophobic governments in surrounding countries and annexed them. Brazil is one of the major world powers of the 2060's, and a moderate democracy

Greenland: Large glaciers in the centre of the country have partially melted creating a freshwater inland sea. This would have leaked out and diluted the gulf stream, giving Europe the same weather as Russia. However after the revolution people realised that human ingenuity would solve the problem, and not making everybody have 10 different bins. A series of huge dams where built in places where the water could run out, containing it.

Great Britain: Encompasses England, Scotland and Wales, which still have separate football teams and semi-separate local parliaments. The capital city is York. This is a moderate democracy with a greater emphasis on patriotism and national identity than can be found at the moment.

London: A huge wall has been erected around the M25 and the European "ring of stars" is still flown within. This is a brutal and repressive society where every move you make is screened and logged on a central database, all women are forced to cover themselves except for their eyes to avoid "prematurely sexualising" children, and endless committees invent ridiculous and bigoted laws to "combat racism".

Cornwall: A small country that broke off from England

Europe: After briefly being made into the United States of Europe from 2008-2014 (there's a divergence from reality, it's not actually going to happen until 2009) the borders have returned to the way they where in the late 20th century. Eastern Europe is now as wealthy as Western, and the region is peaceful and democratic. As these countries suffered under the iron heel of the EU any attempts by governments to interfere with people's ordinary lives and choices is generally opposed fiercely.

Congo: Slightly larger than it used to be, and actually democratic now. The revolution also spread throughout Africa slowly, and during World War 3 many of the despots and dictators where overthrown and more democratic governments introduced, though some of these have reverted to dictatorships on the whole Africa is a much better place to live.

New Ethiopia: The "shining example to Africa". The country is fast approaching first-world status thanks to a well-run and progressive government, however the population has exploded somewhat as people from poorer surrounding countries move there. Multi-storey hydroponic farms imported from Homonia provide enough food for everyone

South Homonia: During World War 3 Zimbabwe invaded various neighbouring countries. The government was replaced by a democratic one but quickly returned to a dictatorship and expanded even more. The international community didn't do anything about it other than token sanctions here and there, however Homonia decided to take the initiative and annexed the country. Unlike Homonia religion is "tolerated" here. This has lead to a rebellious movement using terrorism as they don't want to be ruled by homosexuals, however Homonia has bought a far greater quality of life to the country, with a programme of modern buildings, atomic power stations, solar fields and new factories to create jobs, so the people tolerate them in return.

New Russia: The 2014 revolution outside Europe was fiercest here, to bring down the corrupt and murdering sham-democratic government. New Russia is governed by a Monarchy with elected lords who answer to the Tsar. Enough public pressure can allow a Lord to take over as the new Tsar, but otherwise the title is hereditary. The government here, in the 21st century spirit, wants to aid it's people, and so quality of life has improved.

Afghan Empire: A vast fascist (but not racist!) state ruled by "The Six" from the "Ivory Tower" in Kabul. While a mostly muslim country it is ruled by secular laws, and policed by something akin to the Judges of Judge Dredd. Being fascist differences of religion are regarded as insignificant compared to a love of Afghanistan, and "attacking a fellow Afghan" is punishable by on-the-spot execution. The extremist leaders of the different muslim factions (or the jews as Israel has been swallowed up too) have all been killed and the ordinary people generally get along. The ending of the centuries of constant war by a strong government has allowed Afghanistan to become one of the richest countries in the world, by selling what little remains of the crude oil in the region (which is only really used for production of medicines now).

New Arabia: The riches from financial institutions and the like in Dubai has lead to the various countries in this area becoming one big one. First-world, beautiful cities on the coasts contrasts with a vast desert and nomadic tribes in the interior. The country is ruled by democracy but has good relations with the Afghans. A well-defended border prevents religious extremists and terrorists from stirring up hate in Afghanistan and then hiding in Arabia.

Pakistan: Still a savage theocracy ruled by sharia law which is pretending to be a liberal democracy. Good at Cricket though.

India: One of the major world powers, the Hindustan Ambassador is still made here after more than 110 years. However it now runs on Hydrogen and has a more "retro" interior. It is also badge engineered as the Morris Oxford in Homonia. Of course it developed from the 1950's Morris Oxford from Britain, which the Homonian one is also based on. The International space programme has it's main base located in India, and is expected to see the first man on Mars by the late 2060's. (A United Nations team, and some Homonians, have both planted thier flags on the moon with the US one by 2062)

China: Also a major world power. A moderate democracy which still likes to call itself communist. However the unelected "communist" ruler has no real power and is little more than a tourist attraction, like the Royal family in Britain is in 2007. Free speech is now allowed here and the poorer rural areas have had a large improvement in quality of life to bring them in line with the cities.

Korea: Is now one country again. Weather communism or capitalism "won" is up to you to decide, as I have no plans for any stories set there XD

Homonia: The other fascist country in the world. Unlike Mussolini's fascism it allows freedom of speech (but religion is banned), and rather than "strengthening the nation" by being at total war, they are instead fiercely dedicated to constantly improving the nation in a policy called "total peace". Being the gay homeland it's the only country in the world to be made up more of immigrants than people born there, however the new immigrants are monitored without their knowledge (in holding camps while they are "processed"), and fed endless propaganda, to ensure they are "worthy". Homonia is also one of the few places in the mid 21st century where slavery still exists, as people who break the laws of Homonia are no longer citizens, but merely cattle to be worked to death. Homonia is one of the richest countries in the world, and has easily the best quality of life, but tends not to interact with the other nations except when buying fuel for atomic reactors or raw material for the factories.