Crystal Knights cross-section: The Mile High Club

Imagine a huge hotel, luxorious in that overdone art-deco 1920's way. Now imagine it having it's own atomic power station, and having a huge solar farm, the eden project and a center parcs health spa on the roof. Now imagine such a huge structure a mile up in the sky. You're imagining the vast Wolfenden class Zeppelins of the mid 21st century! Specifically the Mile High Club, the most expensive, luxorious and startling of Homonia's "sex parks", in which people can pay an entrance fee to join a vast orgy. This ship, the largest aircraft and one of the largest craft full stop ever built tours the world, a symbol of Homonian engineering might, 'go ahead' spirit and utter disdain for whatever the rest of the world may think of them.

Vital statistics







Max. Speed


Max Altitude

1.7 Miles

Gas Capacity

1.1 million m3 helium

Disposable lift*

730 tons







Reactor output


Main engines

Two 500,000hp electric motors. One backup which can power both propellors at reduced speed in emergency

Other engines

Two 200,000hp Electric Turbines (for steering + additional forward speed)


Olympic size swimming pool. 250 Passenger cabins with double beds & en suite shower/bath, depending on the voyage these are either private sex rooms or assigned cabins. Onboard forest. Two bars, three restaurants (arranged around central food court). Car parking bays (depending on voyage). Solar cells for additional onboard power. At minimal crewing levels could stay in the air for three years without resupply. Padded floor area in dome for sex orgies. Separate crew quarters/kitchens. Helium synthesis plant to replace lost lifting gas. Most expensive passenger cabins have balconies. 5gb/sec free onboard internet. 2500 TV channel capacity (depending where it's flying). Parachutes & covered lifeboats for all on board. Double necessary radiation shielding around reactor area. Dire emergency jettison of entire reactor assembly possible. Anti-missile defences (chaff and flares) to protect against attacks from the lesser, barbarian peoples it may be flying over.