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Homonia is my plan for a homeland for gay people who are persecuted in countries where homosexuality is seen as a sin and is officially or unofficially punishable by death (that'll be all of them, then). Like Israel is for Jews, except we'd aim to build it somewhere un-populated and not bulldoze people off their own land.


Somewhere like an uninhabited part of a desert, or, a place I happened upon while browsing the Encarta atlas, an area roughly the size of Britain but on the eastern edge of Siberia:

See, there are no settlements there already (that are listed on the Encarta atlas anyway, and that even lists where I live!), but it is near the sea, handy for desalination plants for fresh water, and is very large. It would also be piss-easy for homonian children (because bi, and even straight people who are pissed off by bigotry could move there too) to draw. I always used to get annoyed at school that Britain had too many curves and nooks and crannies to remember. Of course, this place is probably uninhabited for a good reason, like it has lots of mountains or is very cold, which brings us to the next point.


Homonia would have next to no restrictions on scientific research, this would allow rapid development of new technologies which would be otherwise held back by Religion (ie Stem-Cell research), "Green" hysteria (Genetic Crops) or just plain bigotry and scaremongering (Nanotechnology). We would produce fresh water using Desalination plants, electricity with Atomic power, and food with Hydroponic Farming, to keep crops growing all year round, safely underground. Our cities would be above ground, on previously uninhabited, and uninhabitable land, which would constantly remind Homonian citizens of the wonders science, technology and atheism can achieve!


Homonia would be governed by Parlimentary Democracy, like Great Britian has, but without a Queen, the Prime Minister would also be the head of state. General elections would happen every 2 years, and Referendums on key issues would be the rule rather than the exception.

Religion: All Religions would be illegal in Homonia, particularly the "big three", Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Anybody promoting religion would be fined, and the money would be used to promote Atheism and to fund science. As the Dead Kennedys say: "Budget in the red? Lets tax religion!". Of course, SCUM would ask stupid questions like "No Religion? Then you'd have no Christmas!", but what does Christmas have to do with religion in the first would anyway these days?

Public Transport: Homonia would have regular, and well funded public transport, which would be nationalised and integrated, so that buses would turn up at train stations in time for the people to get onto the trains, and not just at any old time. Extra transport would be provided in the Rush Hour, to avoid congestion by cars whenever nessicary. The Trains would use bullet train technology imported from Japan, so that people would be able to traverse the country at 200mph, and arrive on time.

Medical Care: Homonia would, like all civilised countries, have an NHS which would provide free medical care for basic problems. A non-basic problem which would be 'treated' for free, however, is transexuality. Sex changes would be free, and so would the nessicary hormones, body hair removal and associated 'cosmetic' things. But ONLY for transexuals, cosmetic surgery for total vanity reasons would be heavily taxed.

Driving: Cars would still be the main form of transport in Homonia, cities would have wide, two-way streets throughout, rather than the deliberate bottlenecks created by the anti-car EU in Britain these days. The Motorways would have no speed limits in the outer lanes, but the inner lane where traffic joins would be restricted to 70. Cars over 20 years old, far from being banned, as the EU would love, will get free road tax instead. Tax on Petrol would be far less than it is in Britain, also there would be a basic "Nationalised Motor Insurance", which would provide basic but cheap cover so even people without much money could drive. Also ridiculous safety laws would be abolished, and basic, cheap cars like the original Mini and Morris Minor would be encouraged, to get everybody mobile. Automatic and paddle-shift gearboxes would be illegal, there would be constitutional laws to ban the use of speed cameras and congestion charging from ever being introduced, and the police would spend as much time prosecuting people driving too SLOWLY as too fast.

Science: As said above, there would be very little restrictions on science, paticularly medical research. We would lead the world in finding a cure for AIDS, Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis and others. In the case of Vivisection, it would not be illegal, but companies would have to get special licenses and PROVE there is no alternative.

Crime & Punishment: "Hate crimes" would not exist in Homonia, anybody who threatens or injures somebody will get the same penalty (and the focus would be on harsh victorian punishments like 'the crank' and "Life means life") whatever their reasons for doing it, except in Self Defence. The usual things such as Rape, Murder, Theft, Criminal Damage and Fraud would be against the law, however Alcohol, Tobacco and Marijuana would be legalised, as would abortions and euthaniasia (with the nessicary, and stringent, checks of course). The death penalty would be applied for the very worst crimes, but only when it can be proved beyond all doubt that the person had commited the crime. If not they would be jailed instead.

Tax: Taxes would be low on some things (petrol), nonexistent on the most essential items (food, water, elecricity), but very high on some non-essential things (such as fags, drink and weed), so it would all even out in the end. Income tax would be as low as possible, but not quite a tax haven, still people would be able to keep the money they worked to get!